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Greece International Research Experience

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Selection Process

Info Sessions

In the fall semester, the program hosts info sessions to provide interested students with a better idea of what to expect. Former students will attend to answer questions and talk about their experience. Students who attend the sessions will be sent emails regarding updates. 


In the spring semester, students will take a course on materials science and research. While in the course, students will learn about various equipment common to materials research. They will learn to conduct literature review and what to expect in the process of completing a research project. Eight students will be selected based on motivation, skill, and interest to participate in the portion of the program taking place on Crete. Those who do move on will be eligible in subsequent years, provided they are actively involved in related research or interact with the program in the following year. Those students who do not go, may continue similar work, though they will not receive a stipend and will conduct research at WVU. Students not selected to go may attend, though they will be required to cover their own expenses.